Recent Grant Recipients

NASE Growth Grant winners are chosen each month and are awarded up to $4,000 to support the growth of their business.  The Growth Grant money is used to help grow small businesses by providing extra capital to hire and train additional employees, take up new marketing initiatives, purchase new equipment and many other creative ways to improve businesses.

Here's a list of our most recent recipients.
    September 2016
    Rena Washington

    Rena Washington, an NASE Member from Monks Corner, South Carolina was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in September 2016.  New Seasons Hair & Beauty is owned and operated by Rena Washington, a Licensed Cosmetologist and Instructor.  New Seasons can handle any hair or beauty need you have with services ranging from traditional shampoo and hair styling to braids or dreadlocks to color treatments or facials and waxing.

    August 2016
    Kijahfha Mahoney

    Kijahfha Mahoney, an NASE Member from Conyers, Georgia was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in August 2016.  Blissful Delights LLC sells high quality baked goods for both retail and wholesale markets.  Blissful Delights products include pastries, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, alcohol infused products and a variety of other desserts.

    July 2016
    Akeem Carter
    Akeem Carter , an NASE Member from Conroe, Texas was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in July 2016.   Active at Home brings all the benefits of having a personal trainer at the gym, to your home.  As a highly educated Master Trainer, Akeem Carter tailors workouts to meet individual goals and needs ranging from strength building to nutrition advice to posture correction and many more.
    June 2016
    Richard Greenman

    Richard Greenman, an NASE Member from Box Elder, South Dakota was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in June 2016.   FreedomWild Outdoors, LLC is the place that hunters and anglers turn to for outdoor products and services that aren't offered by traditional retailers and outfitters.  FreedomWild covers everything from fly fishing to taxidermy & game processing to mobile apps.

    May 2016
    Lizbet Dominguez-Vila

    Lizbet Dominguez, an NASE Member from Miami, Florida was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in May 2016.   Bocasa Gourmet, LLC delivers healthy food choices right to your doorstep, be it a residence or a business.  Bocasa serves a variety of lunches and dinners Monday through Friday that are nutritionally balanced and taste great.

    April 2016
    Amy DeBruyne

    Amy DeBruyne, an NASE Member from Pittsford, New York was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in April 2016.   BullsEye Communications of WNY is a telecommunications company base outside of Rochester, New York.  BullsEye handles telephone systems, paging systems and installs, upgrades and repairs cabling for telecommunications infrastructure.

    March 2016
    John Davis

    John Davis, an NASE Member from Peoria, Arizona was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in March 2016.   John’s Culinary Jungle provides their customers with an outstanding food experience; from personal Chef services, in-home cooking lessons, to small party catering.

    February 2016
    Karen Doniere

    Karen Doniere, an NASE Member from Wilmington, North Carolina was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in February 2016.   One On One Press provide online courses and other programs for moms and women to help them conquer their fears and self-doubt to achieve their personal and professional goals.

    January 2016
    Marilyn Green

    Marilyn Green, an NASE Member from Belleville, Illinois was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in January 2016.  JFY Consulting, Inc. offers a synergistic think tank that combines the knowledge, experience and wisdom of baby boomers and the creative, tech-savvy connectivity of millennials to aid in strategic planning, business development and other business solutions.

    December 2015
    Christian Birky

    Christian Birky, an NASE Member from Detroit, Michigan was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in December 2015.  Lazlo designs, sources and crafts menswear focusing on core items in a man's wardrobe.  Additionally, Lazlo looks to hire former inmates who have training in sewing; Lazlo gets an experienced workforce, and a marginalized population becomes an asset.  Christian will be using this grant to train employees and to upgrade equipment.

    November 2015
    Wendy Miller

    Wendy Miller, an NASE Member from Annapolis, Maryland was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in November 2015.  Annapolis Senior Care Solutions is a geriatric care management practice providing consultation services to seniors and their families to help seniors optimize their quality of life.  Wendy will be using this grant to upgrade her website and purchase marketing materials and equipment.

    October 2015
    Christie Core

    Christie Core, an NASE Member from Mansfield, Ohio was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in October 2015.  Nurturing Hearts Home Health Care Agency provides quality healthcare to clients in their home and places their needs and comfort first.  Christi will be using this grant for training new staff and expanding care in the Mansfield area.

NASE Growth Grants are awarded at the sole discretion of NASE. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will receive a grant.
Decisions of the selection committee are final and are not subject to appeal. No application feedback will be given.

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